Types Of Underwater Lighting And Their Practical Uses

Underwater lighting refers to submersible lights that can be used to illuminate areas with poor visibility under the water. These lights can be used for ornamental purposes like illuminating water features that may include ponds and swimming pools and can also illuminate areas of work like welding of pipes. There are varieties of submersible lighting that include:

Submersible pond lighting

Underwater pond lighting provides illumination for ornamental ponds, especially at night. Pond plants and fishes can easily be viewed at nighttime with the beautiful lights that also create pleasant look through the water. LED lights are effective for ornamental pond illumination. Watching blooming aquatic plants in the night is an awesome experience with proper lighting for your water garden. With the pond lighting, your fish will be active, and any observer can enjoy viewing of most of them.

Underwater pool lighting

Submersible pool lighting plays an important role of lighting the way for divers and night swimmers. Accidental collisions with other swimmers or bumps on the walls of the pool can, therefore, be safely avoided with this type of lighting. This underwater lighting (visit the Atlantic Marine Facebook) is made from non-corrosive material and comes in a range of natural colors.

Solar floating lights

Solar energy is clean and can be used to illuminate ornamental ponds. These lights absorb the day’s sun’s energy which they store for night or dusk use. Other than lighting your pond in the night, the floating lights are impressive and create a center of interest in poor visibility and the darkest of all nights. These solar lights are available in a variety of attractive colors which include red, blue and amber among others.

underwater lights on a center console

Rock lights

If you have a pond, you should consider enhancing its ambiance with rock lights. These lights are not noticeable during the day as they stay natural and light up brightly in night hours to highlight the striking features of your pond. These lights are available in a camouflage of colors and come in different shapes. The lights can safely be used under water and out of the water.

Submersible lighting can also be used in other underwater applications. For instance, individuals or companies that do underwater photography will find these lights very useful. Submersible lighting can as well be used for large-scale use like in lighting lakes, waterfronts or very large pools. Identifying your lighting use will help you know how much underwater lighting fixtures you need or the best kind of energy to using for your submersible lights.

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