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What You Need To Know About Underwater Boat Lights

There are many reasons as to why you want to use underwater boat lights. Some people use them because they “look cool” while others have actual reasons for using the lights. It can be advantageous to light up the water around you and when you know about these, it can be easier to buy the right kinds of 12 Volt LED lights.

With so many colors available for LED lighting, some people choose to use underwater LED lights for aesthetic purposes only. Just as you may see a car driving down the highway with lights on the undercarriage, it is the same thing for the different lights for your boat. It provides a party look that can be achieved with various lights placed on the side and bottom of the boat.

The underwater boat lights are also capable of illuminating the surface of the water as well as deeper down. This makes it easier to see what’s going on around the boat. It can help you to determine if you want to throw down the anchor as well as see if there is something in the water, such as something (or someone) that has gone overboard.

There are advantages to fishing with underwater lights. Many fishermen swear by using the underwater lights because it will attract all sorts of fish to around the boat. Specifically, the bait fish will crowd around the light. This makes it easy to take a net and scoop up some of the bait fish right from the water as opposed to spending money at a bait shop.

Having the lights in the water can also aid with being able to see the fish that are caught prior to getting them out of the water as well as cutting a line and dealing with snags.

Some boaters also like to turn on the lights at night simply to have a better view into the water to see any marine life that will come close enough to the boat. It can provide hours of entertainment just by gazing into the water to see what’s out there.


Whether they serve a purpose or not, the LED underwater lights can be advantageous for boats of all sizes. Even if you buy and have them installed initially because they look cool, you may find that they serve a purpose to you down the road. It’s also a good idea to experiment with the different colors of underwater LED lights as they may allow you to see deeper into the water or act as a beacon for various types of marine life. Everyone boats in different types of water, so you will want to see what kind of lighting works best for where you are located.